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New data security law book launched

On Monday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Stewart Room’s new book ‘Butterworths Data Security Law and Practice’. Stewart wrote the definitive guide to the Data Protection Act for techies, the equally snappily-named Data Protection and Compliance in Context. This is also the course book for the ISEB Practitioner-level certificate in Data Protection.

Stewart’s new book is – as he admitted – elephantine in its size and coverage  (for comparison it’s physically larger than Ross Anderson’s Security Engineering). It is the first book that addresses infosec and law and I’m really looking forward to getting hold of a copy. I had a chance to browse one of the display copies at the launch and it looks really useful.

With probably about a hundred infosec and law professionals in the same room the conversations were really engaging. There was a lot of talk about the prominence of breaches in the news, especially after last week’s T-Mobile revelations along with the ongoing consultation on the Information Commissioner’s new powers. A few of the people I spoke to were curious to see what changes there would be in non-financial services companies once the Commissioner had levied his first sizable fine.

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