Privacy Risk Assessment Workshop

On January 20th (a Saturday!) I spent a few valuable hours with fellow practitioners in a privacy risk workshop kindly organised by Professor Eerke Boiten at De Montfort University in Leicester.

I presented a brief overview of the way I’ve started to carry out very basic risk assessments focussed on privacy impact to Data Subjects.

This is the paper I showed that describes my simple privacy risk assessment methodology.

Feel free to use it, modify it, discuss it and improve on it. I think Eerke will organise another event so if you’re interested follow me @withoutfire, @EerkeBoiten or any of the other participants (@SandreJ, @TrialByTruth, @LynnFOI, @TheABB, @FOIkid, @RMGirlUK, @MissIG_Geek) for further discussions.

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