Webcast on Thursday 11th August

On Thursday 11th August at 6pm London (or 10am if you’re in San Francisco) I’ll be giving a webcast of my popular RSA Conference presentation, “How to Explain Cybersecurity to the Board Using the Simple Metaphor of fire”. You can register here:


I presented this on the first day of RSA Conference in February and I assumed that because it was the Monday before the conference proper started not many people would come. I was really wrong. The room was full and I understand some people couldn’t get in. Some of the feedback I had afterwards included:

Speaker provided clear and constructive recommendations to facilitate discussion of technical subjects with non-subject matter experts. Very enjoyable.

This was a fantastic presentation and provided a great insight on a different way of thinking about presenting security with a publicly recognizable twist. Will definitely use his analogies in the future.

So if you’d like to find a simple way to explain some of the cyber security principles to colleagues and your C-suite this webcast may be useful. If you can’t attend in real-time I understand that a recording will appear on the RSA Conference website afterwards.

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